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Here is an overview all public projects I've worked on

Role: Full-time employee
Contribution: API Integration (PHP, MySQL, REST, SOAP)
Date: Employee since 2015/03/23

As a back-end developer on the best marketing dashboard on the market, I integrate new services by importing data from their respective APIs and crunching it in our own data format, which will then be displayed in our unified, integrated dashboard. I also do a lot of optimization on large data imports, either by minimizing the number of API calls, improving the way data is processed or modifying SQL queries.
Role: Owner and sole creator
Contribution: SEO, PHP (Slim framework), MySQL, Bootstrap
Date: Created on 2014/05/15

Initially created as a mean to test SEO strategies (#2 on "hide my email" keyword), the site has gained a small following and I've decided to keep it. There are about 1000 users and 80k views total. The project is built on the Slim micro framework which I've modified to be MVC-friendly, one notable feature is that the automatically generated alias has a flexible length, it starts at only 3 characters and scales accordingly when more emails are entered.

reddit logo
Role: Owner and sole creator
Contribution: Python 3, PRAW, Linux (Configuration, CRON etc.)
Date: Created on 2015/11/30

As a top moderator of /r/cscareerquestions, a computer science community with over 2M page views per month, I've created a bot that calculates their karma (score) within this community and assigns them a color based on that. This allows members to recognize users by that color as a way to identify users that usually give high-quality answers. The bot is made using Python 3 and the PRAW API library, it is executed every 30 minutes as a CRON job to identify and tag users that want a new color assigned to them.
Role: Creator
Contribution: SEO, Marketing, PHP, Ajax, HTML/CSS
Date: Created on 2015/01/23 | Sold on 2015/02/02

Viral site created as a mirror for an extremely popular story on Reddit that was deleted by it's creator. It was made in one night to serve the ever growing community of readers hungry for more and became popular extremely fast. On the first week only, the site had over 280k page views and a growing email list of over 300. The site was sold soon afterwards due to lack of interest, as I'd rather work on projects that are more interesting technology-wise.

Role: Owner and sole creator
Contribution: PHP, Dynamic Graphs, Ajax, jQuery
Date: Created on 2014/09/26

As a requirement for a technical test, I had to create a visual bubblesort and the actual sorting had to be done on the server side. Instead of reloading the page for every step, I've created the site entirely in Ajax and as such, each step requires an Ajax request to complete. The graph is made using jQuery flotcharts and is dynamically updated with Javascript after each Ajax request.